Lets get this party started….again

I seem to have a terrible time with consistency. I can’t keep up with something that I enjoy. Like this blog and running. I decided to start training for 5ks a couple of weeks ago. I got to a mile and just started making reasons not to run. It’s terrible! I loved doing it and the weather is so nice. 5ks raise great money for good organizations but I can’t seem to keep that in mind. I hoped I would find I friend to hold me accountable. Turns out I can’t run with a friend. This is also the third time I said I would start a blog. I really hope I can stick with something. Not for others to read or see me accomplish but for me to spend my time doing things I enjoy. Less Facebook stalking and more blogging. Less YouTube surfing and more running. Less feeling gloomy and more making hilarious Vine videos with my friends. It’s not the new year, but it is spring cleaning time. So here I go… Again

Love and rockets,

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Tis in the eyes of the beholder. But the Grammy with amazing music, clean new sheets and bedding, and a full belly is mine. So toasty warm and a smile is on my face! I love award show season! It’s the best of everything all at once! And the dresses. Okay it’s coming on again!

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Sleeping is a crime

Oh dear I am a junior in high school! I have given up on sleep. I either work on papers and study til the wee hours of the morning or I can’t sleep and play games all night. It’s unhealthy and awful! I get in trouble if I sleep in class, but I also get scolded for not having my homework finished. It’s an unfair world we live in. Maybe I am just complaining because this week is extra hard, but can I get a break? I’m gonna have to ask all teachers to back off for like a weekend and just let me sleep. But oh wait I want all of this!
When I have nothing to do with my life I get sad and upset. I do it to myself! I need to suck it up! So here I go! Study, work out, send in applications, dance around and catch up on Hulu! No sleep tonight. Maybe when I die it won’t be a sin to sleep! Fingers crossed!

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In love with love

“It don’t matter if youre black or white!” Michael Jackson had the idea right. It shouldnt matter what we look like or what is between our legs to get love. I’m not gay but I respect those who are. We should be ashamed we keep people from love. You don’t have to agree with it but you must respect it. I don’t agree with jorts but I respect people who wear them. There are so many things that happen in a day that we don’t agree with but we don’t stop it. Why should love be any different??

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Cripy all around

Now that summer is here my pale white skin has turned into that ever so painful color of baby girl pink. In low light some may even say I have reached the sunkissed glow that everyone wants, but out in the sun my skin burns. Every hour I reach for my new best friend, lotion. It is taking away some of the pain but oh buddy it still hurts. But I would keep this pain for years to come to have the summer sun and wind to great me each day. It lets me know that I can spend all day with my friends and all night with my loves! I can eat reakfast at noon and snack all day. Who needs to do laundry when you live in your suit and can jump from beach to pool? Summer Life is the good life and with this burnt skin I am ready to take it all in. Happu Summer

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Shoe too many?

Today during my chemistry class we started talking about my shoe collection (in the 50s or so) and how when I got married I would have to give them up! But I don’t believe it! I know there is a man out there that I can fall in love with and will take me and my shoes in with open arms! I mean I can always buy a house with a big closet. But what if it is true, what if when you fall in love you have to give something up? It’s not fair. My shoes are a big part of me. It’s what I love to do and research! I don’t want to stop my future husband from his passion. But is my obsession to much?? Are we all a little over our limit?

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You either love them or you hate them but they are always there for you. I love mine. She is my best friend. We share clothes, shoes, stories, hummor and about everything else. I love spending weekends with her. I just wanted to take the moment to say I love you mom! Go give yours a hug, NOW!!

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So long seniors

This time of year I get real excited because the sun will become my best friend soon and I get to sleep in late. It also saddens me to say goodbye to my senior friends. Each year I get really close to them and have to say good bye. I’m so proud of all there wins and great laughs. I love them with all my heart and wish them the best of luck. I know we will stay close but I’m still going to cry at our “see you laters” we all miss someone, but I miss them all.

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This picture makes me smile everytime I see it. Yes it is funny to see this take on the classic classy bag, but this is a postive out look on life! We can have anything we want if we just believe it! So break out your hand bags fake or real and enjoy your life no matter what you own. You have your life and smile, what more do we need??

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Only Sundays

To start off I’m not a religious freak but this is on my mind tonight.
As a member of my session for my church I was sitting at a meeting tonight listening to conversations about up keep, workers, and money. The idea bubbling in my head were all negative and disregarded what my church had taught me all these years. I wondered after the meeting where were our hearts during these debates? I noticed a great lack of Christ in myself and he was missing in others too. We managed to get caught up in little details that mean nothing and forget to be kind. I’ve noticed this a lot lately. But I wonder is it just my church or, is it only Sundays where we show our Christ light?

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